Twelve Angry Men – Live At Grand Opera House, York

Reginald Rose’s gripping courtroom thriller, “Twelve Angry Men,” features a talented cast including Jason Merrells (Emmerdale, Casualty), Gray O’Brien (Coronation Street, Peak Practice), Tristan Gemmill (Coronation Street, Casualty), Michael Greco (EastEnders), Ben Nealon (Soldier Soldier), and Gary Webster (Minder, Family Affairs). This all-star ensemble brings the iconic play to life with their stellar performances.

As the deliberations continue, tension fills the jury room like a thick fog, clouding judgment and stirring emotions. Some jurors adamantly believe in the accused’s guilt, citing circumstantial evidence and personal biases. Others, however, raise doubts and point out inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case, urging their fellow jurors to consider all possibilities before condemning a young life. As the hours tick by, tempers flare, alliances are forged and broken, and the line between justice and prejudice blurs. In the end, it will come down to one pivotal moment, one crucial decision that will determine whether the accused walks free or faces a fate worse than death.

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