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Great Days Out for Families in York This Easter

Ready to immerse yourself in a blast with your family this Easter in York? Gear up for thrilling Easter egg hunts at Rowntree Park, York Chocolate Festival, and more. Engage in family-friendly workshops, entertaining entertainment, and educational activities throughout the city. Explore York hassle-free with the Visit York Pass, offering discounts and easy access to over 25 attractions. Jump on a sightseeing bus tour to marvel at top landmarks like York Minster and The Shambles.

Uncover exclusive newsletter offers and outdoor adventures perfect for quality family time. Discover cultural and historical sites while keeping within your budget. Get set for an unforgettable Easter experience in York!

The Short Answer

  • Easter egg hunts at various parks and centers
  • Family-friendly workshops and entertainment
  • Visit York Pass for discounts and convenience
  • Sightseeing bus tours with informative commentary
  • Exclusive newsletter offers for savings and updates

Easter Egg Hunts in York

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Set off on an egg-citing adventure this Easter in York with a variety of thrilling Easter egg hunts waiting to be discovered! York offers a range of exciting hunts for you and your family to enjoy.

Join the Rowntree Park Easter Trail on March 28th for a fun-filled day of searching for hidden treasures. If you're craving more chocolatey delights, don't miss the York Chocolate Festival Family Easter Egg Hunt running from March 27-31.

For another fantastic option, head over to the Poppleton Centre Easter Egg Hunt on March 29 for more egg-citement. If you're looking for a unique experience, participate in the Easter workshop at St James the Deacon church on March 29 for an unforgettable egg hunt adventure.

And for a touch of magic, explore the Foss Fairy Trail Easter Treasure Hunt on March 30 for an enchanting quest. Remember to stay safe, follow the rules of each hunt, and have a cracking good time uncovering Easter treats in York!

Family-Friendly Workshops and Activities

Embark on a world of creativity and fun with a range of family-friendly workshops and activities awaiting you in York this Easter season. Engage in Easter-themed workshops designed for families, offering hands-on crafts, interactive sessions, and creative projects for you and your children to enjoy together. These captivating events and workshops aren't only entertaining but also educational, providing a perfect blend of fun and learning. From arts and crafts to interactive storytelling, there's something for everyone to participate in and enjoy.

Immerse yourself in a variety of fun and educational activities tailored for children and parents alike. Indulge in immersive experiences that create lasting memories for all ages. These workshops and events are designed to be safe and welcoming for families, ensuring a pleasant and enriching experience for everyone involved. Join in the excitement and bond with your loved ones as you explore the world of creativity and imagination in York this Easter.

Visit York Pass Discounts

explore york with savings

Discover the array of discounts and benefits offered by the Visit York Pass, providing access to over 25 attractions in York while saving you money on your city explorations. With this pass, you can conveniently enjoy entry fee discounts to various sites, making your family adventures more affordable. The pass includes a 24-hour city sightseeing bus ticket, allowing you to hop on and off as you explore the city's wonders. By using this single pass, you can access top attractions and save substantially on your visits, promoting tourism in York while ensuring you have a memorable experience. Stay updated on events and special offers in York by subscribing to the newsletter options tailored to your interests. Make the most of your time in York by utilizing the Visit York Pass for a budget-friendly and enjoyable family outing.

Benefits of Visit York Pass
Discounts on Entry Fees Convenient Sightseeing Single Pass Access
Promotes Tourism Newsletter Updates

Sightseeing Bus Tour Options

Begin an immersive 24-hour city sightseeing bus tour in York with the Visit York Pass, allowing you to effortlessly explore a myriad of top attractions in the historic city. With this pass, you can hop on and off at your leisure, taking in the sights and sounds of York at your own pace. The bus tour offers a comfortable and safe way to navigate the city while enjoying informative commentary about the landmarks you pass by.

Here are three highlights of the sightseeing bus tour:

  1. York Minster: Marvel at the stunning Gothic architecture of this historic cathedral, a must-see attraction in York.
  2. The Shambles: Step back in time as you stroll down this picturesque medieval street lined with timber-framed buildings.
  3. Clifford's Tower: Enjoy panoramic views of the city from this iconic landmark, offering a glimpse into York's rich history.

Embark on this sightseeing adventure with peace of mind, knowing that the Visit York Pass provides a convenient and cost-effective way to experience the best of York while prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Exclusive Newsletter Offers

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Uncover exclusive savings on entry fees to over 25 attractions in York by subscribing to the Visit York newsletter. By signing up, you gain access to the Visit York Pass, offering quick and easy entry to top attractions like museums, historic sites, and more. The pass also includes a 24-hour city sightseeing bus ticket, ensuring convenient transportation while exploring the beautiful city of York. Subscribing to the newsletter not only grants you discounted entry fees but also keeps you updated on the latest events, festivals, and special offers happening in York. Stay informed about news, promotions, and upcoming activities to make the most of your family trip while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Attractions Discounts Special Offers
Museums Up to 20% off Free guided tours
Historic Sites 15% discount Complimentary souvenirs
Family Entertainment Buy one get one free Kids eat free at select venues

Fun Events for Kids

Begin a delightful journey with your little ones at the thrilling Fun Events for Kids happening in and around York this Easter. Here are some exciting adventures awaiting your family:

  1. Easter Adventure at Stockeld Park: Meet and greet the Easter bunny and follow the giant egg trail through the park. Your kids will be filled with joy as they search for hidden treasures and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
  2. Easter Activities at Oxygen York: Engage in themed events and let your children join the holiday club for a day filled with fun and laughter. The activities are designed to keep them entertained while ensuring a safe environment for all participants.
  3. Easter Animal Trail at Castle Howard: Explore the Gardens and discover willow animals like foxes, owls, and hares along the trail. This interactive experience will spark your children's curiosity and love for nature in a family-friendly setting.

Outdoor Adventures in York

exploring york s outdoor beauty

Indulge in invigorating outdoor escapades in York this Easter, immersing yourself in a world of nature, adventure, and family fun. Explore the lush parks, woodlands, and gardens that York has to offer, perfect for a revitalizing outdoor experience with your loved ones. Engage in activities like Easter egg hunts, nature walks, and family-friendly trails that will keep everyone entertained and connected with the beauty of the outdoors.

Venture into the scenic surroundings of York for outdoor games, leisurely strolls, and picnics that create the perfect setting for quality family time during the Easter holidays. Whether you're into outdoor sports, wildlife spotting, or simply enjoying the fresh air, York's green spaces provide a fun-filled day out for all ages. Connect with nature, breathe in the crisp air, and make lasting memories with your family through these outdoor adventures, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Cultural and Historical Sites

Begin a fascinating journey through York's rich tapestry of culture and history by exploring its diverse array of cultural and historical sites. Immerse yourself in the medieval ambiance of Barley Hall, where hidden historical insights await, and interactive Shakespeare play activities bring the past to life.

Unearth the archaeological wonders at DIG, where Roman, Viking, medieval, and Victorian artifacts from York's history showcase a timeline of the city's evolution. Engage in the Easter Animal Trail at Castle Howard, allowing children to discover willow animals in the Gardens, adding a touch of whimsy to the historical setting.

As you explore these sites, remember to stay together as a family, especially when wandering through the intricate halls of Barley Hall. Keep an eye out for any uneven surfaces at DIG to prevent tripping hazards. Additionally, enjoy the outdoor spaces at Castle Howard safely, ensuring children are supervised near any water features. With these safety tips in mind, you can thoroughly enjoy your cultural and historical adventures in York this Easter.

Budget-Friendly Options

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Explore York's array of budget-friendly Easter activities to make the most of your family outings without breaking the bank. Take advantage of free family fun at Rowntree Park with their Easter Trail on March 28th, offering an exciting adventure for all. Join the York Chocolate Festival Family Easter Egg Hunt from March 27-31 for an affordable and delightful experience filled with chocolatey surprises.

For more low-cost Easter entertainment, consider the Poppleton Centre Easter Egg Hunt on March 29, where the whole family can enjoy a thrilling search for hidden treasures. Engage in the St James the Deacon church Easter workshop on March 29 for a cost-effective way to celebrate the holiday together. Additionally, don't miss out on the Foss Fairy Trail Easter Treasure Hunt on March 30, providing a budget-friendly outdoor exploration that promises fun and excitement for everyone.

With these wallet-friendly options, you can create lasting memories in York this Easter while keeping your budget in check. Enjoy the festivities while ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for your family.

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